Chrysomelidae @ MIZA Newsletter - April 2016

Chrysomelidae @ MIZA moves to the main Scratchpads server in UK.

After some technical problems with our servers we decided to migrate all our content to the main Scratchpads servers in the Natural History Museum in London, UK. We hope that this move will give us more time to concentrate in taking pictures of the undocumented taxa, instead of worrying about server maintenance.

New pictures of undocumented taxa.

We have resumed the photographic documentation of the Chrysomelid collection at MIZA. Currently we are engaged in completing the genus Alagoasa (some 20 species remain undocumented). Next we will continue with the rest of the taxa in the subfamily Alticinae.

Updates in the Bibliography section.

We have added PDF's to all papers published before 1961. Currently we are curating the database of the remaining papers (1961-1997) we hope we can offer the complete collection of the Bechyne's papers in a couple of weeks.

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